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Richard Hummel Verlag & Richard Hummel Versandbuchhandlung founded Leipzig 1919

Richard Hummel

The Publishing House and Mail order bookstore Richard Hummel is a family business in the fourth generation, which was founded in 1919 in Leipzig.

The publisher of this development was founded on November 25, 1919 as "Talis-Verlag Dr. Richard Hummel". Richard Hummel, the founder of the company, was born on 4 July 1870 in Svinemünde. His father was a railwayman, his mother a sailor's daughter. From the ancestors he had the meticulousness of the craftsman, they were dyers and Böttger, just as cradled as the mobility of the driving people.

While the ancestors were still settled, Richard Hummel wandered. He learned the profession of a dentist, married in 1893 Eleonore Theresa Martha Stübner, the daughter of a cloth maker in Görlitz and came over the Lusatia to Leipzig, where he was registered as a writer and publisher in the population records of the city.

As the first publication of the publisher for "occult and metaphysical literature" appeared in 1919 "The book of amulets and talismans" from the pen of the publisher (under pseudonym R. H. Laarss - Laarss is the maiden name of his mother). Richard Hummel had apparently received knowledge of a variety of homeopathic and especially Far Eastern natural remedies through his medical studies and therefore opened in the subsequent period again and again the propagation of these methods and the whole thinking of the reform movement at the beginning of the 20th century, his publishing house.

The daughter of Richard Hummel, Katharina, affectionately known as Kathe, grew up in an atmosphere of cosmopolitanism and enlightenment. She learned what was then not a matter of course for daughters from a better house, a profession that the gymnastics teacher.

In the 1925 closed marriage with the graduate engineer Ernst Findel found in a sophisticated way the fulfillment, which was their special nature justice. Findel came from a family in which Masonic traditions lived on. No wonder, because his grandfather, Gottfried Joseph Gabriel Findel, was one of the most famous authors of the German lodges in the 19th century. He also published the Masonic magazine "The Bauhütte".

Under the conditions of the Third Reich, of course, such a commitment fell under verdict. With the terms "uncultured" and "degenerate" the publishing work was banned. Only with difficulty could the publishing house bookshop be continued. After the war, the work was resumed. In 1951, after the death of the parents Käthe Findel took over the management of the company. She was followed by son Helge Findel in 1973 and grandson Martin Findel in 1990.

On August 1, 1990, the bookstore was privatized and thus ended a long-lasting interregnum of compulsory integration with the publishing industry and the GDR's book trade. However, the traditions of trading in stamp accessories - as they were started with the Transpress publishing house of the GDR - will be continued. The most important partners are now other companies, such as the Schaubek Verlag Leipzig, which was also privatized after 1990 again.

In the beautiful shop on Johannisplatz there are numerous pieces that testify to the history of the company. Not least because of this lives the very individual trade with the "other" book on.

This text was written by the Sächsisches Wirtschaftsarchiv e.V., in which the archive of the bookstore is managed, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the foundation. www.swa-leipzig.de